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Tip: record your ATC sessions

Robert Shearman Jr

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Hello all --

I was talking with a few controller friends about last night's FNO and some of the antics and shenanigans they experienced -- a pilot disconnecting and repositioning in an attempt to jump the line, a few "can I talk to your manager" moments, etcetera.

After replying to say how grateful I am that my livestream acts as a means to cover myself against any unfair allegations of wrongdoing, it occurred to me that Streamlabs at least has an option to create a local recording whether or not you're broadcasting on a streaming service.  Other stream software probably does as well.  If hard drive space is limited, consider lowering the framerate well below broadcast quality in order to keep the file size down, and keeping it only for a week or so just in case any complaints arise.  But even at a very low framerate (more than adequate to capture a scope screen), it could certainly prove valuable if anyone tried to complain about you if they were the ones who were actually in the wrong.

Just some food for thought.




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This was suggested as well, a while ago, by the controller who shall not be named.  I thought it was a good idea.  I do that as well when I fly online for the same reason.  Occasionally as a pilot, you bump into an ATC situation that should be addressed after the fact.  It's easy to post a private snippet for an ATM or DATM to view, and follow up on.

The reality is, I usually do this with OBS to capture the hilarity that often ensues during a big event, like last nights cluster down at MCO.... LOL.   

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