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1st Session. AFV does not connect to Sweatbox?

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I cannot answer that definitively or not.  However, I cannot think of any kind of use case where AFV would ever need to connect to the Sweatbox.  AFV allows online pilots and ATC to talk to each other via voice.  Since Sweatbox is a server that simply allows target generation and manipulation, you don't talk to those pseudo-aircraft, nor are there any pilots in those aircraft/targets that will be talking to you.  As such, I would not be surprised if the definitive answer is "No, AFV does not work in the Sweatbox."  I believe that is likely the answer, but I'm not an expert in that area.

I am quite certain you will communicate with your mentor over voice, using a tool like Teamspeak or Discord or similar.  Again, you can find that information out from your mentor and/or facility.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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I can confirm that AFV does not work on Sweatbox. Both for the reasons that Don pointed out above, as well as the times when I may (or may not) have forgotten to set my radar client's server back to a VATSIM server and wondered why AFV wasn't working. At my facility, all of our voice needs for Sweatbox training are handled via Discord; your results may vary. 

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