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Happy Holidays from VATEUD

Nick Marinov

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Hi all,

Last night staff members from across the division and its vACCs gathered together to look back at 2021 and look forward to 2022. With all of you, we have gone through yet another difficult year together, as a community. A community of pilots, controllers, many knowledgeable people and those who are still learning the ins and outs of our hobby.

We have begun many new projects, finished others and set goals for new things we can do in the future to make this place better for everyone. vACCs are collaborating like never before with one another and are a key part in discussing how we will go forward. This will be seen even better with a new version of the division policy, which we expect to be released in Q1 or mid-Q2 of 2022. We also see collaboration in various other places, such as events, training (sharing valuable materials, tips and sometimes even code for training systems), as well as general support on good practices within the various local communities.

We have particularly seen a lot of mentoring and new ratings being given out in the division. Every week, dozens of new ratings get rightfully and deservedly assigned and even more training sessions take place thanks to the hundreds of hard-working mentors.

Events take place regularly and Europe is light up like a Christmas tree every single evening (pun intended, albeit being a bad pun). We have also seen the introduction of a new vACC, which was retired previously man ears ago, which added yet another ornament to our division's tree.

We have also seen great developments from the tech-people within the division - from small tools to aid members to projects that have the potential to do big things.

With this being said, personally from me and on behalf of the VATEUD team - THANK YOU - to all the staff members for creating, upkeeping and developing local communities and doing all the work you do for our members; to other volunteers that spend countless hours mentoring, writing materials, or simply helping new members with their first steps on the network; and last but not least, to all our members for being with us through this journey. This division and the network at large is what it is thanks to you.

With only a few days before the holidays and seasonal festivities, many of us will be taking a step back from the duties that we normally do to enjoy some time with our families and friends. With that being said, you can expect longer reply times to tickets, emails and messages from staff, but we will be back to full speed at the start of 2022.

Happy holidays and stay safe! 🎅🎄

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