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ATC Training Academy Graduates - December 2006

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The VATUSA Training Department and the VATUSA Academy Faculty would like to congratulate the following students on successfully completing all requirements at the ATC Training Academy for the month of December 2006. We wish each of you much continued success at your ARTCC.


Brian Bailey, ZME

Eric Basile, ZAU

Lynn Beamon, ZNY

Jack Boudreaux, Jr., ZDV

Aaron Buchanan, ZSE

John Chambers, ZHU

Joshua Cosgrove, ZBW

Shawn Fitts, ZJX

Pascal Flemming, ZOB

Heath Graham, ZOA

Halden Grossman, ZBW

Kevin Henderson, ZTL

Nathan Kelven, ZSE

Raymond Mills, ZMP

Brian Naldzin, ZNY

Dale Owens, ZTL

James David Perry, ZME

Erin Rakickas, ZDV

Corey Robinson, ZNY

Brian Stern, ZSE

Mark Tosiello, ZMP

William Weaver, ZLC

Timothy Wong, ZLA

Will Granruth, ZMA



The VATUSA Training Department

The VATUSA ATC Training Academy Faculty & Staff


David Kluempers – USA3

Training Director


Edited by Guest

Kyle Ramsey



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