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Tour of the hardest approaches in Europe

Alessio Prencia

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We've had the ENSD RNP 08 already. Not really difficult, but with stunning terrain and you'll see only a tiny amount of RWY at the MAP:

ENSD RNP 08 https://chartfox.org/ENSD#ENSD_81833 (Max. approach CAT B/120kts Vref, 4.5° descent)

An interesting SID out of there: ENSD LOGSA1A https://chartfox.org/ENSD#ENSD_56090


Maybe you want to file the short flight "ENSD – LOGSA1A LOGSA DCT TIKBO – ENOV" to get to the next beauty:

ENOV LOC-B https://chartfox.org/ENOV#ENOV_56466 (Max. approach CAT B/120kts Vref, 4.0° descent, 60° offset to landing course)

- I have a question here: Since there is no straight-in minimums given, does it mean circling is mandatory and "CIRCLING N OF AD ONLY" would mean A is not ok?


A circle or some other prolongment of the approach path is necessary to lose altitude.

See also the Visual Approach Chart https://chartfox.org/ENOV#ENOV_56469


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