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Nathaniel Grimes

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Yes, 10 messages and 3 tickets is a bit excessive....  We are all volunteers, doing this on our own time...  You were clearly told in the ticket, just 14 minutes after you filed it, by the way, what you need to do....  Maybe spend less time sending so many messages, and actually read and follow the guidance you were given in the ticket.  None of the 8 messages you sent after the reply to the support ticket contained the information that is required of you.  My suggestion, again, is to read and follow the guidance you have already been provided.

As a side note, the forums is not really a place for individual help.  None of the other nearly 800,000 registered members need to see your plight.  So I would kindly suggest you simply read and respond (appropriately) to the guidance provided in the support ticket.

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Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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