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VID as Name

Lance Williams

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I could swear I knew two things:

1. You could use your Vatsim ID as your name, and;

2. You had 30 minutes to respond to a supervisor who private messaged you.

Today, flying in Seattle Airspace I was doing some TBM flights, logged into VATSIM and flying IFR. I was ready for ATC to call if they logged in, but nobody had been on for hours. As I approached KLMT, I had a minor, family emergency that took me away from the computer instantly. I came back about 10 minutes later to a barrage of PM's from Seattle Center and a Supervisor. Looking at the timestamps there were no messages older than 10 minutes. The supervisor texts were no older than 5 minutes. I disconnected instantly because I still had to deal with the minor emergency in my home.

Two hours later, I receive an email that I'm banned for 48 hours.

Can someone explain that? Oh the email said I was using an illegal name as "LOST" Well, actually I was simply using my Vatsim ID as my name (which I thought was ok) and LOST was my alternative airport. Is that a crime?


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Thank you,

Lance W.


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Hey Lance,

1) You are correct. According to CoC A4(b)(5) you are indeed allowed to use your CID in place of your real name. That said, I can see how your alternate airport could've led to confusion (since clients simply append it to the real name field), and I encourage you to reach back/reply to the email that got sent to you in order for it to be reviewed.

2) While CoC B3(b) allows pilots to leave their connection unattended for a maximum period of 30 minutes, this tends to be mainly in uncontrolled airspace, as in controlled airspace CoC B3(a) is given priority ("Pilots shall monitor their flights at all times. [...] This includes making prompt contact when requested to do so". Knowing that, and assuming you have no previous history of "being a bad boy" on the network, I encourage you once again to reply to the email you got and ask for clarification/review. You can also CC supervisors(at)vatsim.net.

Hope that helps,

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