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Velocity option -voice not working

Lennart Vedin

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Shortcut's missing for e.g. Host Mode with voice. As well even if i add option '-voice' to the Host Mode Target, the application still say voice must be set at remote.


/ Lennart Vedin / vedinat.png910701.png

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Yep, also version 0.5 comes with the same problem. VPilot Velocity assumes that it is set up on a remote PC, therefore the audio settings dialog comes back with "These settings must be configured on the VPilot rempote computer."

Maybe it is because i still have the original vpilot installed (of course in another folder, so no mixing there). So velocity vpilot might see that version...




2022-01-06 16_28_27-vPilot Settings.png

Florian Harms

VATSIM Europe Division / DCRM


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