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Transmit Voice Nearly Unreadable by ATC

Cody Cochran

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Good afternoon all,

First some background information on my setup:

  • vPilot Version: 2.8.4
    • Microphone and Output device are set properly
    • Mic Volume setting set a +3
    • Disable realistic ATC audio effects is unchecked
  • System Setup: Windows 11
    • Rode Pod Mic connected to a GoXLR via XLR cable
  • Discord, TS3, and all other platforms have no issues and the my voice is buttery smooth.

Over my past few flights, ATC has reported that my voice is nearly unreadable and I have listened to it first hand via a Twitch Feed from a controller, it's bad... I do not think it has anything to do with my distance from ATC transceiver sites as I've tested this on the ground as well as in the air. 

I have tried nearly everything I can think of to fix this as it only occurs when using vPilot and AudioForVATSIM.

Below is the audio configuration from the vPilotConfig.xml


  <InputDeviceName>Chat Mic (TC-Helicon GoXLR)</InputDeviceName>
  <OutputDeviceName>Music (TC-Helicon GoXLR)</OutputDeviceName>

Side note: This is also an issue when I control using VRC and AudioForVATSIM clients.


Please let me know if anyone would like any other information. I appreciate the help in advance!

Cody Cochran

Southeastern Region Manager - VATUSA


[email protected]


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Cody, do you have airplane engine noise blaring in the background when this happens?  I found that with a cheap headset mic, I was able to run aircraft sounds in speakers and ATC would hear my voice over the aircraft noise somewhat realistically.  When I upgraded to a studio-quality mic, for whatever reason the mix of the aircraft sounds and my voice plus whatever compression or other signal processing it was trying to do did NOT work at all.  Had to put the aircraft noise back into the headset, much as I cried tears of emotional loss for having to do so.

Not sure if that helps you. but, best of luck.




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