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Repositioning on Ground

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I'm wondering how the general procedure for repositioning on ground goes. For example: The aircraft is at a remote parking stand or on the maintenance apron and I want to taxi to a gate from which I want to start my flight. How to call up ATC in such a situation? Do I need to get IFR clearance for the follwoing flight at this point already? Or do I just call up ground and then, after the repositioning to the gate is completed, call up delivery? Or is there and some kind of special procedure for all of that? 

I've tried to google it but to no avail unfortunately.


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If you want to simulate this part of the flight, just call up the respective controller and explain what you want to do and what you need for it: for example

  • when you want to taxi under own power: D-AIXU, position V123, request engine start to reposition (or taxi) to position A32
  • when you want to get towed by a pushback tug: D-AIXU, position V123, request taxi-tow to position A32

Practically, almost nobody is doing this. Simply load your aircraft at the desired gate while you are still offline.

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2 hours ago, Lauri Uusitalo said:

Which can already cause radio congestion on busy Centre frequency.

Hence pilots should make an assessment of the current situation before using a live frequency for something like this. If it is too busy, just do it offline and connect at your gate later on.

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