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Division Policy Hotfix

Nick Marinov

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Hi all,

A hotfix for the VATEUD Division Policy (version 1.4.2022a) has been released. This is not a major update, but rather a hotfix to address some discrepancies between this document and various policies. The changes are listed below.

Amended sections:

  • Section 4.6.1 to bring the document in line with GRP
  • Section 4.6.2 to bring the document in line with GRP
  • Section 6.3.5 - to bring the policy in line with the current VATEUD C3 policy

You can find the updated policy at vateud.net

Edited by Nick Marinov
Assistant to the Vice President
Europe, Middle East and Africa Region
Senior Network Supervisor
VATEUD Division Director (Acting)
## [email protected]
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