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VRC & Teamspeak running simultaneously -- VRC voice chop

J Jason Vodnansky 810003

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Not certain that this is the right place, but will try anyway...


When I run VRC and Teamspeak together, the voice from VRC is very choppy, cutting in and out. This of course makes the comms with pilots unreadable. Thoughts?


1) Seems to make no difference between starting VRC first or second

2) Tried opening up firewall ports, even connected straight to the web with no router

3) If performed using ASRC with properly forwarded ports, issue is resolved


I use 2 different sound cards, using different PTT keys for each program. I am at a loss. Have even gone so far as to reinstall windows, and check driver updates.


Soundcards are a Creative Labs Audigy, and a Plantronics DSP400.


So, I go to the gurus and inquire as to what I may be missing.



J. Jason Vodnansky

ZAU Controller

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