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Centralised IT support request

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For  some time, Dutch VACC has been preparing its IT systems for GCAP. Things are looking very good, and we expect to need only a very short transition period (obviously, depending on the final version of GCAP, VATEUD policy etc.).

However, there is one technical matter that cannot be addressed at the VACC level, and I think VATSIM should develop: a centralised administration of visiting controller endorsements.
- Article 6.05(j)(vii) states that a controller may not hold more than 3 Visiting Controller Endorsements at one time. However, at this moment, there seems to be no way (for a VACC) to check this.
- Article 6.05(j)(ix) states that a controller who has utilized live training as part of their endorsement may not request another Visiting Controller Endorsement until three months have elapsed since receiving the endorsement or they have controlled at least 50 hours in the Division / Sub-Division to where the endorsement applies. In my opinion there must be some mechanism to enforce this.

I have some ideas about the 'how' part of this matter, and I'd be glad to discuss them.



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