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How I do my route planning

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For beginnners route planning is sometimes a question on clicking at some button in Simbrief. That's taking route planing too lightly in my mind. So I've attached a document describing some of the thing I do, when I choose a route.

PS: This is not my entire flight planning, merely the route I'm checking here.


Route Planning.pdf

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Torben Andersen, VACC-SCA Controller (C1)

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Awesome document, thanks for taking the time and sharing!


If you do not have a Navigraph chart subscription, you can either get the
charts via the Danish AIP website at
https://aim.naviair.dk or you can get it from Eurocontrol at


I suggest to refer to chartfox.org for people who don't have a Aerosoft NavData Pro Charts or Navigraph subscription.

It only needs a VATSIM account and comes in very handy as this is one platform where you can access most charts via the countries respective ANSP.

Basically linking to charts with a great UI like you would using an EFB to view your charts 🙂

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This is helpful beyond words. I'm new to VATSIM (first flight was only yesterday and from EKCH as it transpires, so coincidentally I became aware of the 22R/4L/22L/4R usage from that!) but I've been using simbrief for two years to plan offline flights, and rather blindly it would seem. Thanks for putting the time into this.

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