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Hi everyone,


I am a newbie to the VATSIM world, and am flumaxed as to how I get it all started.


Things I have achieved are, Obtaining my VATSIM Account, my PRC account and downloading the all in one software package for use with VATSIM.


As yet I have not installed any of the download as I am a bit confused. I would therefore welcome a step by step on what I should install first and test. I truly understand what a geek I am sounding like, however I do so much wish to gain the opportunity to fly on VATSIM, I am a trainee pilot and feel the interaction with the ATC, the chance to navigate and fly cross country can only be good for when I am flying in the real world.


Therefore, as Cliff Richard would sing, ...Throw down a line, help a poor boy whose a drowning in a stormy sea!.


What do you mean, who is Cliff Richard!!!

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Hi Charles and welcome to VATSIM!


You have done all the right initial first steps except one of the most important.....READ THE PRC!


All of your questions will be answered in the step-by-step fashion you are looking for, including the ones you haven't thought up yet. There is absolutely no substitute for reading the PRC. It is time well spent and is the fastest way to get you up and running.


Best Wishes.

George S. Marinakis

VATSIM6, co-Founder, VATSIM


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Hi Charles.


as you are posting in the UK forum I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume you are UK based? If you 'd like some online help, the Vatsim-UK "Getting Started nights" are on the first Wednesday of the month. For details of how to get involved see http://www.vatsim-uk.org/forum/index.php?topic=3127.0


There is also a lot of useful information and online one-to-one help at Virtual pilot-UK. See this thread http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=175 in this forum.


Ruth McTighe

Deputy Director, Vatsim-UK

Ruth McTighe

Heathrow Director, Essex Radar, Thames Radar, London Information

[Mod - Happy Thoughts]t webmistress CIX VFR Club http://www.cixvfrclub.org.uk/

Webmistress Plan-G http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/

Now not a VATanything

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