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Flight Plan through Vpilot

Adam Landry

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Yeah, it's true. The reasons are given here:

In addition to the reasons given there, it is also because we really need to get rid of the old FAA-style form and move to an ICAO form, and there's no point in me building an ICAO form into vPilot when the prefile page works just fine.

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On 2/8/2022 at 9:45 PM, Adam Landry said:

Vatsim pre file page is a nussicence.  

Why is it a nuisance? 

I've been prefiling my flight plans for over a decade and have no issues with it.

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i just started doing it on the website after seeing that news and yeah its pretty painless.. especially with the simbrief prefile function

was also a good reason to learn about icao equipment codes, pbn, etc. too

only thing bugs me is the DOF/ (date) field is only required if you are filing 23+ hours in advance (i think) but it is required on vatsim



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