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Caribbean event

William Raymond

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Came across this event today on a flight from MYNN to MKJS .Despite the volume of traffic along with some technical issues out of his control, I must commend Kevaugn Peterkin for doing a tremendous job handling APP TWR and GND . He made it quite enjoyable.

Thanks to the FIR and crew

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VATSIM Supervisor (ret'd)

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Appreciate the positive feedback Bill - it is always a pleasure - I too is glad that you enjoyed.
I must say it was a little stressful lol but I held things down like a boss - I must praise my instructor too Mr Njeri Carro who has built and helped me to be the controller I am today
you stay safe, and I hope we will  exchnage words sometime again in the Network ~ Cheers

Blue Skies,
Kevaugn Peterkin

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