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I can't bind a key to PTT (application hangs)


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Hi all - I'm a new user and I'm struggling to set vPilot up with PTT if anyone can help please?

I have entered my details to the Network section and logged in no problem, I've even sat in the sim (I'm on FS2020) and listened to some traffic.
But when I try to add a PTT key (clicking "Set a Different PTT Key or Button") vPilot hangs and I get the hour-glass cursor.  If I try to press cancel I'm given the standard Windows options to terminat the application.

  • The executable I installed it from is vPilot-Setup-3.2.1.exe
  • I have tried running vPilot as Administrator
  • I'm on MS Flight Sim 2020 installed through Steam, all updates and patches are completed
  • I'm on Win11, all up to date with Windows Updates and Video Drivers etc
  • PC spec is; Nvidia RTX2080 8Gb / Intel i7 9700 / Gigabyte ATX Z390 AORUS PRO / 32Gb Kingston HyperX Predator 3000Mhz

I note that the Q&A/FAQ has an entry saying;
"Q: I can't select a PTT on my keyboard. What's up with that?"
"A: If you use UAC and use a keyboard PTT, DO NOT install vPilot as an administrator, but once installed, if you run FSX/P3D/MSFS as an administrator, run vPilot as an administrator. Joystick PTT works fine with or without running as an administrator."

However 1) I don't know what a UAC is, and 2) I don't recall having the option to install vPilot as an administrator.   But I don't think this also covers the application crashing...

So - Can anyone help me please?


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  • Horrgakx changed the title to I can't bind a key to PTT (application hangs)

Thanks for reply.  I only have the one joystick (Cyborg X I think) and I unplugged it but it made no difference.   As soon as I hit the button to bind the key vPilot hangs.


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