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Strange Landing Attitude on Dash 8 Traffic

Ken Dixon

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I am using VPilot 3.2.1 and P3Dv5 on the Singapore VATSIM server. During last nights online event I was watching a Dash 8 come in to land and noticed the nose high attitude on the ai model, the nose high angle increased as it descended to land, though it would momentarily appear at a correct angle but quickly revert back to the high nose up attitude. As it was about to land it instantly corrected to level and then went nose into the ground and stayed there as it taxied. Other aircraft I watched both prop and jet did not show this behavior.

I completed my flight and was flying the Majestic Dash 8 and a YouTube streamer was doing a stream from the same airport I landed at. Looking at his stream it also shows my aircraft acting in the same strange way as I observed earlier. From the cockpit I had no pitch up issues and the landing looked fine from within my sim.

Today I tried the Canadian server to watch another landing and the nose up behavior was the same as last night. I have grabbed some screen shots of yet another Dash landing showing the same behavior. I am raising this issue under Vpilot for the want of a place to put it and am not making any assumptions it is a VPilot issue, maybe its a Majestic Dash or Velocity issue. Just wondering if others have noticed this (and put it down to a bad landing) and where the problem may be. Sure gives those pilots in the queue for takeoff something to laugh at when we land the dash.








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