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ICAO Flight plan - Fuel endurance

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SimBrief however is able to send it as I've never had to fill that in when using their pre-file feature.

In the URL that's sent to the prefile system, the following is in the URL:


...where xxx is the 4 figure endurance value.  Unfortunately, as it's not included in the FPL message, the only way you can do this is either:

- have your scripts updated to send directly to the flight plan prefile or
- speak to your VA to do this.

Trevor Hannant

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What are you using to get the ICAO FPL? 

If PFPX you may need to add it to the OFP output file.

If simbrief, it will auto fill out via a direct link to the prefile page.

Kirk Christie - VATPAC C3

VATPAC Undercover ATC Agent

Worldflight Perth 737-800 Crew Member


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