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vATIS Version 4.0 Beta and Multiple ATIS Trial Period.


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VATSIM is happy to announce that vATIS version 4.0 Beta 1 is now available to download from https://vats.im/vatis
A key new feature of the beta is that Terminal and Enroute Controllers now have the ability to host an ATIS at more than one airport during a 60 day trial period recently authorized by the Board of Governors. This trial period runs from 19 April 2022 0000 UTC until 18 June 2022 2359 UTC.
The trial period grants controllers relief from VATSIM Code of Conduct C7 which only allows a controller to make 1 ATIS connection to the network, to allow instead up to 4 ATIS connections along with their controlling connection.
Currently the vATIS version 4.0 Beta only allows for creation of additional ATIS frequencies at individual airports. However should functionality be added which allows for controllers to create multiple ATIS frequencies at the same airport, (such as in cases where an airport has a departure and an arrival ATIS on separate frequencies,) this action would be allowed in the trial period. Creation of 2 ATIS frequencies at the same airport would still count as 2 connections of the maximum 4 allowed. 
The additional ATIS frequencies must still conform to the VATSIM ATC Frequency and Information Management Policy found at https://vats.im/atcfmp and only contain operational information that is applicable in the VATSIM environment. Real-world operational information that cannot be effectively implemented on VATSIM such as but not limited to lighting and/or navaid outages should not be included in any ATIS information.
Thank you to the vATIS Team for development of this feature, and we look forward to seeing the results of the trial!

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