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[8th May 2000-0200z] VATSIM First Wings (VFR & IFR)

Andre Almeida

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Andre Almeida



Have you made a VATSIM account, but feel intimidated every time you try to speak on the frequency? Or have you yet to make an account in fear that you haven't got what it takes yet? Then this is the event for you! Book your flight now at https://first-wings.vatsim.net/ .

At busy airports, or events, it can be a little tricky to learn and get used to the pace. To help overcome that VATSIM created the First Wings events, dedicated to helping pilots get used to the phraseology, the procedures, and what is expected of them.

For this edition, we will be flying in Brazil and the US, both IFR and VFR. 

Pilots wanting to explore IFR procedures may fly between Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, departing either airport sometime between 20 and 22 UTC, or shuttle between Portland and Sacramento, from 23 until 01 UTC.

If VFR is your cup of tea, fly around the Hawaii Islands, and expect ATC from 23 until 02 UTC. No slots are required for the VFR flights.

Both before and during the event experienced and patient controllers and pilots will be on the VATSIM Discord to help answer any questions you have. You may join the discord through https://community.vatsim.net/. If you do not use Discord, VATSIM Supervisors will be on hand during the events, and can at any time be reached via a .wallop.

These events will from now on be held on a regular basis, with one edition occurring on the second weekend of each month. To allow everyone to participate, regardless of their timezone, the location of the event rotates every month, passing through all corners of the World.

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