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vPilot stuttering

Stefan Hoks

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Since a few weeks I experience audio stuttering through my Jabra Evolve 65 (wireless monoheadset via Bluetooth). From time to time I can hear the controller (and other pilots) fine, but most of the times it stutters badly, sometimes making it hard to understand the controllers.

I already took the following steps to troubleshoot:

- Reinstalled vPilot

- Changed the server from AMSTERDAM to UK, to Germany and Germany-2

- Giving vPilot "High" priority in task manager

- Test other audio (Spotify and MSFS) through the headset

I can't find whats going wrong here. When playing Spotify to the headset the sound is without stutters, so it's not the wireless connection between the headset and the reciever. 

Any suggestions?

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