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VPilot annoying Audio Lag

Klaus Schmitzer

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Over my flights last week I almost always get very laggy VATSIM audio (not the VHF simulation - real audio lag with pauses and heavy crackling). I mostly fly MSFS right now because of PMDG release.

I restartet Vpilot several times, run it always as admin, changed servers, checked if latest version, checked audio settings on Windows and for my headphones, performance on the simulator is smooth as butter... 

Is there a server problem? Any hints what else I can trie?

Thank you!

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Most often this is caused by maxed out CPU load.  Check your Task Manager to see whether this is the case.  If so, check into lowering some of your sim rendering settings.  Some of those impact GPU use more than CPU, and some vice-versa -- so it make take several adjustments to check and see what improvement you can affect.



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