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Whoa! Just Whoa! Chicago Center 5/21/22, 16:54'ish Z

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Wow! I was flying a "golf cart" (Piper Arrow) for 1.8 hrs in CHI CTR space. I was west of congested area, but I was tuned in. Your ATC was awesome! Never a moment to breathe but he nailed it. A true professional. It was entertaining to listen to him control traffic, GND, TWR, ATC, CLR, BATHROOM, lol, you name it. Just a shout out for him, 1437414, (could not find name). At the end he still had time to land my golf cart in an otherwise non occupied airport.

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That was me! You're right, it was crazy busy. I have some Arrow time in real life, the "golf cart" analogy made me laugh. Great plane to fly. It was my pleasure to work you, hope to see you around on my scope soon!

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I can hear it now... "Golf Cart One, Chicago Bathroom, cleared land number one, and don't forget: the job's not complete until the paperwork's done."

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Alistair Thomson


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