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Apple Airpods and Vpilot 3.4.0, a generic Bluetooth headset issue?

Andrew Booth

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Andrew Booth

Vpilot , a fantastic program , but having an issue. I use Apple AirPods connected via Bluetooth to my Windows 10 PC. Once paired and connected they work fine with the PC as the default output and input sound device.

However when I start up Vpilot it kills the sound from all the other sound producing apps in the list (which are also all set at default in the advanced sound options menu) . 

When I close the Vpilot program the sound from other app returns.

Did my first flight with VATSIM and Vpilot yesterday, amazing, but minus any sound from MSFS itself.

I discovered if I am using Vpilot, i can go to the individual app volume and device preferences menu in the advanced sound options (W10 Sound settings) and select the airpods as the output device for MSFS and it works concurrently with vpilot, but sound quality is very poor coming from the sim. 

There's still something not quite right I think?

A problem mixing stereo playback and monoaural capture on bluetooth audio devices?

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