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[VACANCY] Mentor(s) - VATEUD Members Support Group

Mattia Torti

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The VATSIM Europe Division is currently accepting applications for the position "Mentor(s) Members Support Group". This is a very specific position within VATEUD as it represents one of the first contact points between a new and/or existing member and VATSIM Europe. Due to the nature of this position, we are looking for a person with a very specific skill set that can cater to new members' needs.

Responsibilities of the role:

- Teaching classes on Vatsim Rules and Basics (and advanced knowledge)
- Providing practical Solo Training for new members
- Documentation of the training status of trainees
- Create and develop training documents

Some of the skills required by for this position include:

- Basic understanding of pedagogical topics
- Fluent in English (each additional language is an assett)
- Team player
- Minimum of 2 years of active VATSIM membership
- Good standing with the network (will be checked)
- A diversified VATSIM experience (e.g.: not only long-haul; not just standard routes)
- Minimum age: 20 years old
- Minimum Rating S2 or P2
- Time commitment minimum 2 to 6 hours per week
- Passion for flight simulation and the VATSIM network
- Valid copy of P3D or X-Plane or MSFS or FSX

Please include in your application a letter of motivation as well as a short VATSIM CV.

All applications should be send to jobs [at] vateud.net . The vacancy will remain open until suitable candidates have been found.
When sending the email, the header should be formatted as follows: "Application Mentor Members Support Group - CID XXXXXX"

Division Director
Network Senior Supervisor
## [email protected]
## [email protected]
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