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Fly By Wire A320 not receiving ATIS

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I have MSFS and recently started using VATSIM.  I have completed a few flights with TBM930, BE58, and C172 with no VATSIM issues.  This morning, I tried using the Fly By Wire A320 and was not able to receive any of the ATIS broadcasts.  I switched over to a different frequency with an active controller and was able to receive just fine.  I researched several posts to see if there is any special setting I needed to make and I did change the ATC and METAR options on the fly pad to VATSIM, but that did not correct the ATIS issue.  I am assuming that it is a simple fix and that I am overlooking something as I couldn’t find any other posts mentioning this.  Any help would be appreciated.

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If you mean voice ATIS, it could be that there has been a temporary problem with a specific ATIS due to the controller software. It happens and in that case we should inform the ATC.


Regarding a specific plane:

Check in your pilot client that the frequency and the transmit/receive (TX/RX) settings are properly transmitted. Also most modern sim planes allow to set the volume in the cockpit.


AFAIK Voice ATIS is just a normal voice channel on our audio server, so it behaves the same as any other ATC voice channel (you must be in range for example). You do not need any special setting.

The voice connection is handled by the pilot client, so flight sim or aircraft settings do not affect it.

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