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VATSIM seeks volunteer front-end developers


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We are looking for a skilled JavaScript / TypeScript developer to volunteer their time on our development team.
The VATSIM website, our various member sites such as myVATSIM, and the community hub are some of the first interactions our members have with us, so making this a pleasant, intuitive experience is vitally important.
In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React and Next.js.
● Meeting with the development team to discuss user interface ideas and applications
● Researching and suggesting ideas to improve our member's experience
● Reviewing application requirements and interface designs.
● Identifying web-based user interactions.
● Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react concepts.
● Documenting application changes and developing updates. Requirements:
● Previous experience working as a frontend developer
● In-depth knowledge of frontend languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, and
● Knowledge of React tools/frameworks including React.js, Webpack, Enzyme, Redux,
Flux, Gatsby and Next.js
● Experience with user interface design
● Excellent troubleshooting and project management skills
● A desire to leave things better than they were when you found them
To apply for this volunteer position, please send a CV/cover letter to [email protected]


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