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Playback logfile after running a scenario (r34)

Michael Pike

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When I launch EuroScope it automatically starts logging data with a timestamp. If I then connect and run a scenario file the time resets to 0 at the start and counts up from there. Events from there on are logged with a timestamp starting from 0. All works fine and makes sense.

If I try to replay the log file it displays the time in both the connect dialog and the clock on the main menu bar. When the scenario starts, in the playback the time goes back to 0. This displays very briefly in the clock and then immediately switches back to the previous time sequence. The time in the connect dialog displays 0 and stays at that. None of the play/fast forward buttons have any effect. Nothing can be replayed. The timer remains on zero.

It seems as if the replay function ignores non-chronological events.

Workaround is to open the log file in a text editor and delete all the events from the top of the file before the first 0 timestamp. The file will then playback correctly.

Mike Pike


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