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Bluetooth Microphone quality issue ,vpilot windows 11.

Adam Landry

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Figure I through this here, I've tried just about everything else. I have finally upgraded to a new gaming laptop. However this rig runs Windows 11 and giving me hell of a headache on the Microphone input, when using Bluetooth devices that should be able to input/output audio at the same time. Main difference seems to be Windows 11, Windows 10 I was able to use my Air Pods or Beats Bluetooth with no issue. Many controllers now have me coming in 2x5 with choppy transmission. 

The kicker, when I use the Bluetooth microphone for any other program, Zoom, Teams, even testing with pc camera mode making a video. Audio quality from Bluetooth devices are fine. After all my trouble shooting it appears (but can be very wrong) to be the Bluetooth device, Vpilot and Windows 11 not playing nicely.

Currently using a microphone from a plug in headset and receiving voice on the air pods. (more of a preference there, I can have all audio feed through wired headset if I wanted, but on a 3 hour flight I hate to be tied to the desk. I prefer everything to flow through the Bluetooth headset like it use to in windows 10. Anyhow suggestions or work arounds, or if I just plane have this figured out all wrong would be great. Ive done the basics uninstall reinstall drivers, make microphone accessible, ran recording audio troubleshooting etc

Thanks guys  

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