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Height difference

Maxim Rykov

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Hello everyone, I recently flew a huge raise on 777 pmdg, but when I gained altitude I noticed a problem the autopilot scored 320 fl and in SimAware it shows that my height is 310 I thought well, you never know a bug. But along the way I came across a Control, but I unsuspectingly requested fl380, I dialed it and reported that I took it, and the dispatcher says why I'm 1 thousand lower, I'm at a loss. Then there were 2 more control zones, there was no such thing, but SimAware still writes 1 thousand less echelon. Who knows what might be the matter, maybe in Vpilot I already reinstalled it, but it didn't help.image.thumb.png.498a2bf3e49ca647d20c79d913abebdc.pngimage.thumb.png.2c1eb4c768686a8f771551426ac0edd1.png

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