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EndReceive Failed: 10060

William MacTavish

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I have had this issues for a very long time. From what I have heard it is an issues with the internet connection. But No matter what I do with my internet, it never fixes this problem. I spent close to 2 years off the network because of this very issue because I got fed up with being kicked off the network 20+ times on a 1 hour flight. I have tried to connect to different severs, restart the client, restart my computer, but non of these have actually had an effect.


During that time off, I upgraded my internet, but have always had a hardwired connected directly to my router. But I fail to see why this is still an issue.


[18:39:13] Disconnected from voice server. Reason: Lost server connection
[18:39:13] Voice will attempt to automatically reconnect.
[18:39:14] Network error: EndReceive failed: (10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
[18:39:14] Disconnected from network.
[18:39:21] Connected to voice server.

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From the Vpilot FAQ above


Q: I am getting EndReceive (e.g. 10053, 10054, etc.) and/or Connection (e.g. 10060, etc.) errors. Any ideas?
A: These are actually not vPilot errors; vPilot is simply reporting that an error has occurred. The EndReceive (e.g. 10053, 10054, etc.) and/or Connection (e.g. 10060, etc.) errors mean something is interrupting the connection to VATSIM. It's in the pipe between the server and your computer. It could be caused by server interruption, intermittent internet connection, router issue, power issue affecting the router, etc. A large number of variables/possibilities. Most people who have reported persistent EndReceive and/or Connection issues have reported that rebooting the router resolves the issue (though some members report it is an intermittent resolution). Suggest rebooting your router and seeing if that helps.


Regards, Rog Hanson

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