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Can vPilot check the whole VMR file for missing models in one go?

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Hi there!

I am trying to clean up a vmr file I downloaded for the AIG models, however there are many errors, especially with Lufthansa. The VMR references many models, but these folders are actually empty.

I am slowly cleaning up the file when I come across errors, and that got me wondering: is there a way to check the whole VMR file with vPilot or some other software in one go, without having to meet the traffic that calls the missing model? Can I somehow make vPilot load all entries in the VMR?

Does anyone know of a way to do it? Maybe even automate the process of removing missing models? 

Any chance this could be considered as a possible feature for a future vPilot release?



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  • Fabrizio Barbierato changed the title to Can vPilot check the whole VMR file for missing models in one go?

I am planning to have vPilot ignore models that are referenced in the VMR but were not found in the model scan. I didn't do this previously because the model scan wasn't always 100% reliable. Though I think it's close enough now that most of the kinks have been worked out and it seems to be reliable in MSFS.

Until then, I suggest you use ModelMatchingMagic to generate a VMR.

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