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need audio help windows 10

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I recently joined vatsim and everything is working fine, except for one thing I'd like to do and I'm hoping someone here can help me achieve it.  Here is my setup: I have an HP desktop,   I have MSFS, Windows 10, vpilot, and a headset with mic that attaches to my computer via the 3.5mm cord.  I also have  speakers that I have always used on my PC.  When I plug in my headset the DTS sound window pops up and it disables the speakers to headset only.  I want to be able to channel all the aircraft sounds except the comm frequencies to the speakers and just the comm to my headset?  How can I do this given my setup or is it impossible?  I have searched the web but none of the results were really suitable to my situation.

I appreciate any assistance you may give!


Jason Saucier

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