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Event Website: Today's events shown as "Tomorrow", early real tomorrow event shown in same section

Daniel Neugebauer

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Not sure if this is the correct place to report it but the event website (https://vatsim.net/events/) currently lists today's events (20 Aug 2022) under the headline "Tomorrow", even despite the first event correctly being shown as "In Progress" (screenshot taken at 0857z = 10:58 CEST):


Chrome 104.0.5112.101, Linux, CEST (Europe/Berlin)

Page reload does not help. I noticed the UTC times (shown when opening an event Edit: actually they are not shown anywhere except in banner image or freetext) are translated to my local time (used on overview) correctly. It seems just the date is somehow misinterpreted?

Dates are also misinterpreted further down in the list:


01:00 of my local time already is the real "tomorrow"/Sunday in my time zone, so I guess "Hot August Nights" should be displayed in the next section (which would actually be "tomorrow")?

Edit: In an environment where UTC times are common, I find it quite irritating to not show UTC times anywhere and (potentially) risk screwing up automated translation to local time zones.

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