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Unhandled exception despite running with administrator

Joseph Wong

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I've been receiving this message of "unhandled exception" despite running with administrator as suggested in the troubleshooting guide. My vpilot was running smoothly 2 months ago. I tried to reinstall vpilot but the problem persists. Vpilot is also unable to connect to VATSIM after pressing "continue" in this window when MSFS is started. Vpilot also can't be launched again after closing vpilot. It can only be launched again by restarting the computer. 

May someone help, please?


Thank you. 

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  • Joseph Wong changed the title to Unhandled exception despite running with administrator

From the Troubleshooting guide:

"Q: I'm suddenly getting an Unhandled exception message for some reason. It says UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen. Any ideas?
A: Though not something specifically related to vPilot, it seems to be caused by a recent Windows 10 update. Go to Windows Microphone Privacy Settings and turn On the option to Allow apps to access your microphone."

My experience has been that even when things have been working fine and I've made no changes, occasionally some mysterious unannounced Windows update or audio driver update will quietly reset all my USB device names and I'll have to go through and re-select input and output devices in every app, and in some cases re-affirm through Windows Microphone Privacy settings that I want certain apps to have permission to access the mics.

Hope that helps.  Best of luck.



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