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No VATSIM planes only AI planes

Gabriel Adei

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I need help badly as I have tried everything I know and posting on other threads not getting response

I cannot see other vatsim flyers and still have AI planes on the ground at the gates even though I have multiplayer turned off, live traffic turned off, AI turned off etc

I did model matching and this is the results

Settings for simulator : MSFS

Last aircraft model scan performed on: Aug 28, 2022 17:19

Results: 237 models found, 0 identified

No matter what I do I get 0 identified, is that where my probelm is. I have tried many other settings. I can hear pilots on the frequency but my sim is full of AI planes instead of vatism pilots. I know there are pilots in the vicinity etc as I use VatSpy as well. And definately not the number of AI planes around me makes sense.

Please help (picture inserted)


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  • Gabriel Adei changed the title to No VATSIM planes only AI planes

I suspect the issue is with your MSFS settings, not vPilot.

In MSFS   :-

GENERAL OPTIONS >>> DATA  Mutiplayer should be set to ON

GENERAL OPTIONS >>> Traffic >>> Aircraft Traffic Type set to OFF

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I checked all my settings and confirmed it matched the recommendations you gave me.

However on an evening flight today I could not see any vatsim aircraft. Still had AI aircraft allover

I know I was near other vatsim flight because of the ATC chatter on ground at KIAH and KLAX.

What am I missing. 

Please help

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If you have Traffic set to off, you should not even be seeing AI traffic.  Are you sure it's not Vatsim traffic ?  MSFS does not show the traffic tail number etc like FSX does.   It could be it is Vatsim traffic, but MSFS is only showing ASOBO default aircraft ?       May be worth you trying to work with someone, and both log on at adjacent stands to definitively establish if it's AI or Vatsim traffic you are seeing.


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