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Omar Grande Feij

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Omar Grande Feij
Posted (edited)

Good morning everyone,

From the Spanish VACC  we would like to announce that our controllers have been using PDC/DCL (Datalink Clearance) for months for authorizations at CDM airports, simulating reality as much as possible at airports in our Spanish territory.

For those of you who do not know what the DCL is, it is the datalink system which sends the ATC clearance to the aircraft cabin (ACARS), the purpose is to avoid the use of frequency and decongest.

For the pilots, the first thing would be to create an account in hoppiecode (https://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/register.html)

The second is to send ATC that you are ready to copy the clearance, so ATC will respond.





DLC received, now the pilot must acknowledge ATC departure clearance and Air Traffic controll will know that he has the authorization.


From the training department of VATSIM Spain we are establishing it in CDM airports just as in reality ( LEBL, LEMG, LEMD, LEBB, LEAL, LEIB, LEMG, GCLP, LEPA etc etc) 

Our main goal is to seek maximum realism and network immersion

Best regards,




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