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Xpilot Installation Unsuccessful

Attan Akmar

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I bought a Delanclip head tracker some years back and tried it by using a quite popular app then. That combination had an unsatisfactory result and I stayed away from head tracking altogether. I was also having problems getting my Xpilot app to work.

A few weeks ago I  came across the Open Track head tracking software  and decided to try it. The app also didn't seem to work with X-plane, although the CL-Eye Test showed that the Delanclip was working perfectly.

In desperation,  I uninstalled Win10, reformated my drive C and then reinstalled Win10, X-Plane,  Xpilot and Open Track. It was worth the effort because my X-Plane frame rates shot up and Xpilot installation was easy with the CSL AI aircraft automatically installed in sequence.

The best part was that the Open Track head tracking software worked and after some tweaking I was able to enjoy flying without having to use the joystick and keyboard to look around.

Lesson learnt - Windows can sometimes be the culprit.


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