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Current charts VS sim Version

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Hey everybody, 

I'm returning to the flight simulation hobby after over 7 years away from it. 

I recall it being imperfect when using in sim data for navigation VS current real world charts. This really made basic ifr navigation... Uncertain haha 

Returning after a long break... How is the experience now? 


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It's a lot better. Navigraph provides up to date AIRAC+Jeppesen charts for all or most airports for 8.5 euros a month or so.

Otherwise, you can use chartfox.org which pulls together as many of the AIP charts available as possible.

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Liesel Downes

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Hello Michael,

Another great resource is to visit the websites for the regions and divisions you plan to fly in. I've found that some divisions will have links to their respective regions and air traffic control facilities. These facilities post local procedures that might not be found with the online charting services. For example, you might find local flow patterns for arrivals and departures that are not shown on the standard IFR charts. I've found a lot of "local" information to help with my flight planning and in-flight situational awareness. There is a lot of great information posted out there.


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