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Introducing the North East Africa vACC (NEA)

Chriss Klosowski

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VATSIM Middle East & North Africa is pleased to finally announce the opening of the North East Africa vACC. A project that has been under development since the COVID-19 lockdown period. This new vACC which was initially supposed to be just Sudan expanded to become the North East Africa vACC covering Sudan, Ehtiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia under one single vACC.

The team has been hard at work developing policies, training syllabus, materials, and sector files ready for its opening after almost 2 years of research and development to bring realistic operations to the network.

North East Africa vACC will be opening on the 2nd of October 2022 in conjunction with an event with VATSIM Germany Visit Ethiopia Return with a departure window from 10:00 UTC - 13:00 UTC and an arrival window from 16:00 UTC - 18:00 UTC with expected full ATC coverage along the way!

You may find information on the vACC here:

Best of luck to the team and we hope to see Africa light up even more as the vACC opens its doors to the VATSIM community!

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