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Canadian Xpress October 2022 Monthly Challenge: 40 Years of Flight Simulator Part I

Marc Wheeler

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Marc Wheeler

November marks the 40th year for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator began as a set of articles on computer graphics, written by Bruce Artwick throughout 1976, about flight simulation using 3D graphics. When the editor of the magazine told Artwick that subscribers were interested in purchasing such a program, Artwick founded Sublogic Corporation to commercialize his ideas.

At first the new company sold flight simulators through mail order, but that changed in January 1979 with the release of Flight Simulator (FS) for the Apple II. Between 1979 and 1981, Sublogic adapted FS to several other home computer platforms. But things really took off in 1981 when Microsoft contacted Bruce Artwick to develop a new flight simulator for IBM compatible PCs. This version was released in November 1982 as Microsoft Flight Simulator. It featured an improved graphics engine, variable weather and time of day, and a new coordinate system.

Advertisements claimed, "If flying your IBM PC got any more realistic, you'd need a license", and promised "a full-color, out-the-window flight display". Early versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator were used as a test for PC compatibility. If a computer could run Microsoft Flight Simulator and Lotus 1-2-3, it was 100% IBM PC-compatible.

Originally Chicago was the only scenery, with only 3 airports to operate from up until version 4. This month we recreate the default flight in Chicago to celebrate the beginning of something great.

With the original FS default airport no longer in service, your mission is depart Michigan City Municipal (KMGC) and fly over what was Meigs Field and north along the Lake Michigan shoreline to Kenosha, before turning back south along the lake shore to land back at Michigan City Municipal (KMGC) which must cover a flight distance minimum of 100nm.

Join Canadian Xpress today in order to participate as there are some great prizes to be won including any Aerosoft download product from https://www.aerosoft.com/

The October 2022 Monthly Challenge is open to all Canadian Xpress pilots from October 1st until October 29th, 2022 so join Canadian Xpress today by visiting  https://canadianxpress.ca

*Canadian Xpress accepts 50% of your VATSIM, IVAO or other virtual airline hours with no limits.




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