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vPilot: No sound

Niels Engelsman

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Hello everybody,

I recently tried out flying online with Vatsim on MSFS. I downloaded vPilot (which should be the latest version, as the program is telling me that) and the model matching stuff. In the beginning, I'm not a newbie to Vatsim itself. I already have around 1000 Hours logged with X-Plane and xPilot, there I've never encountered any errors, so I kind of know how to use the radios. Since then, I've been a text pilot, cause I have issues with my ears so I can't really understand what ATC is telling me. I guess that should be no problem. So, on the first flight with the FlyByWire A320 Neo, I tuned in the frequency of the ground controller and wrote him by text just as always. I've recieved the answer just as usual. As I then requested taxi, I wondered why I can't hear any other player or ATC. Also, I didn't notice any light flashing up in vPilot when there is a radio transmission going on (I've been starring on it for several minutes while planes were landing and taking off, so there should be ATC activities). I've checked the setttings, where the correct speakers are selected. I can hear stuff like the beeping on an automatic disconnect, but no radio transmissions. As I can't fix it myself, I'm now asking here for help. Thank you in advance.


I've also attached some screenshots from vPilot, please ask if you need further information.




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