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Introduction of ICAO/Eurocontrol complementary features

Mateusz Zymla

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Mateusz Zymla
Posted (edited)

Hi guys,

We've noticed that several important features are missing in order to give us a try for vatSys. This features are described in "official" irl documents as standardization in this document.

Functions that we miss:

Coordination/Operational level:

1. Coordination request from next controller/controllers ahead and from previous controller (!! Crucial to switch from EuroScope, cross-compatibility with ES would be awesome)
Coordination request types:

- Entry/Exit point

- DCT Point


- Coordination Counter-proposal (Station A proposes Station B a DCT to point "C". Station B asks if point "D" is OK for Station A).

2. Tactical Instructions Propose/Requests Messages
Non-standard instructions of transfer requested from another Station (HDG/ALT/Procedure etc). Either asked from current sector to the next sector, or vice versa.

3. Point-out function
light out given AC from one sector to another one (may be irrelevant, simply to attract attention to the controller)

4. Request on Frequency
next sector controller asks previous sector controller to initiate frequency change.

5. Hand-over Proposal (HOP)
propose handover with non-standard transfer conditions, which require approval from accepting controller

Plugin development level:

1. Ability to draw on radar screen with Event Handling

Possibility draw some custom lines/symbols/images(!!) from external sources, event handling on RadarScreen press etc.

2. Ability to modify default TaskBars

So Plugin developer could mess around with layout of the basic buttons, considered that he/she may introduce functionality in different position (i.e. could draw a button in different position using feature in point 1).

We know, that some probably could be introduced by Plugin already, but we think, this functions shall be introduced natively, that would dramatically increase chances of introduction of this in different parts of the world.


Polish VACC
Operations Department
Software Development Department.

Edited by Mateusz Zymla

Mateusz Zymla - 1131338

VATSIMer since 2009, IRL pilot rated.

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Jake Saw

Hi Mateusz

I plan on implementing something like OLDI / AIDC in vatSysServer. Since each FIR will be running on a separate server "partition" with different datasets, I need to implement messaging to synchronise flight data between them. And I always like to use the real life solution to the same problem when I can 🙂

As for plugins, I'm not currently developing that aspect of the client as all my time is being sunk on the server. Since vatSys is using Direct2D to render the displays, I think it would be tricky to give plugins direct access to that. I could write some sort of abstraction to allow you to draw certain things but that's a lot of work. So we'll see for that.

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Developer - vatSys


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