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New Partner Benefit - Event Publication

Antonio Dujmovic

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Antonio Dujmovic

Dear VATSIM VA Partners,

today we're launching a new benefit for our Partner VAs. If you're looking to boost your event growth and activity, this is a good way to ramp up those numbers.

Introducing VATSIM VA Event Publications:

Submitting your VA Event to be publicized via VATSIM's media is a great way to improve your overall event activity and the amount of pilots to interact with! Your event will be published on https://vatsim.net/events 3 days before it takes place, and 1-2 hours before the event starts, it will be published on VATSIM's events twitter, all official VATSIM servers, and the VATSIM Community Discord server's events channel, which is followed by more than 600+ other discord servers.

Note that these events do not have to be in coordination with another vACC/division, and can be solely your own VA Events that are held on VATSIM!

In order to submit your event, please head over to https://community.vatsim.net/ where you will be able to link your VATSIM account with Discord, and join the VATSIM Virtual Airlines server, where you can request the Partner/Associate role, and submit your event in the #event-publication-requests channel!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the new benefit, feel free to contact us via https://support.vatsim.net or directly on this forum post!

Note: Apologies on the multiple emails regarding this -- we've been having trouble with the function but we will make sure this does not happen again!

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Antonio Dujmovic
VATSIM - Director of Virtual Airlines

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