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Peter Story

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Peter Story

I've noticed that the Tower logins for VATPAC Australian positions do not select the correct airport. eg BN_TWR selects YPBN as the airport to display the controller positions instead of YBBN, ML_TWR selects YSML instead of YMML and AD_TWR selects YSAD instead of YPAD. 

I don't know what source is used to parse the logins, but I suggest using vatspy.dat as this is kept up to date by VATPAC and the [Airports] lines like

  • YMML|Melbourne|-37.673333|144.843333|ML|YELW|0
  • YMML|Melbourne|-37.673333|144.843333|ML-S|YELW|0

show the alias prefixes ML and ML-S that are used for TMA controller positions and the ICAO for the associated airport. Where an alias does not exist in the line, the ICAO is used as the prefix.

I hope this helps in fixing the displayed airport.



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