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Arrow Symbols on RNAV STAR

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Vatsim and currently in the ATPL Training, so it helps me a lot to practice PBN procedures & voice etc. I'm excited to use it  🙂

Yesterday I did a Flight to Geneva LSGG and was on the BELUS3R RNAV Star. Before turning to the SPR VOR there are some small arrows (yellow): image.png.34d37534ea0794d648d358a562377fa2.png

What do they stand for? 

Thank you a lot and Kind Regards


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Hallo Thomas,

the arrows in this shape mean that you should continue straight ahead on heading until ATC tells you to turn. Basically, it is an "infinite" downwind.

PS: insert it into your FMS. If you insert ILS23 via BANKO 3R STAR (for example) you can then also select "via SPR" or not (maybe "via GG512"). If you select "via SPR", the FMS will give you the route from GG512 to SPR and then to final. If you do NOT choose "via SPR", it should continue straight ahead from GG512 on heading 044.

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Adding to Andreas' perfect explanation, consider reference to text description on LSGG BELUS 3R arrival,
which indicates "continue straight ahead until ATC tells you to turn"  ...


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Mike / 811317

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