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Network error: Too many clients connected

Richard Asberg

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I've seen this quite a lot lately. Not sure if this means the capacity of the Vatsim network got worse or if the number of users increased. Hopefully the latter.

Anyway, right now I get this message regardless what server I try in the list and I've tried connecting to them multiple times. So I guess, in this situation you're out of luck if you planned to fly on Vatsim?


Too many clients connected.jpg

Looking at map.vatsim.net, I see how roughly 1200 flights are currently being tracked. Which doesn't sound that much to me. I know I've seen more than 2000 in the past but maybe that was on IVAO when I think about it. Maybe IVAO can handle more sessions simultaneously vs Vatsim?



2022-11-12 15_00_34-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

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Richard Åsberg

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