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My two cents

Omar Grande Feij

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Omar Grande Feij
Posted (edited)

Good morning, I would like this post to be constructive in order to unify criteria between divisions, in order to work in a homogeneous way in VATEUD.

My feeling is that each division in Europe goes in a different direction, and VATEUD is not making that liaison, wich is very necessary.


HT (VCCS Voice coordination)

Unify voice coordination with all of Europe. There are divisions that coordinate everything through the Euroscope VCCS  (Hotline in RL). In my opinion, it must be adapted to all sectors and controllers. We must remember that coordination is the basis of air traffic control. It's very cool to be in LFMM_CTR and via voice coordinate with LECB_CTR, just like real life. 

I think we must inform or warn all the European divisions that are aware that this exists and that it is intended to be applied across borders

Example in one of the VACC in Europe.



  CDM Airports (Eurocontrol)

 Regarding events, there is the CDM  plugin created by Roger, it is public. It has been seen on many occasions that flying in events is chaotic due to the flow of traffic.  That would avoid problems by setting TOBT and TSATS as in RL, adjusting the rate of the airport in question to avoid congestion at the holding point. Events in vatsim are very powerful and I strongly believe that VATEUD should at least inform VACCs with this kind of plugins


¿Why don't we try to make it like reality in Europe with CDM? 







DCL/PDC  - ATC Clearance

 Majority of international airports are DCL (data link clearance) Spain, Germany, Netherlands, etc have implemented this system so that the pilots have a better immersion in reality and avoid congestion on freq.

Again, someone could advise in meetings with VACCS that it is recommended to use DCL in order to get closer to reality. 

UK is giving this via Text, Spain via ACARS, France via private chat. ¿You see my point?

                                         ATC                                                                                                                                         Cockpit




Each division has its own training system, in some VACC they follow a syllabus, some do the theory online through a Moodle (E-Learing) and then the practice is usually divided into some levels until reaching the CPT.

The waiting list varies greatly between divisions, reaching even years. I think as Europeans we must unify criteria in training between divisions, avoiding the lack of ATC due to the delay of months or years to start the training. Telling all VACCs that using a common VATEUD syllabus or E-Learing is dynamic, efficient, fun and enjoyable system to learn.

Ask each vacc what the abandon rate is when asking after 1 year if they want to start the training, people lose hope and ilusion, something must be done to speed up this process.

It is of vital importance since it is directly related to the fact of having more controllers and filling the European airspace with control.



There is a lack of supervisors, usually when ATC/pilots call a SUP.. they do not usually appear. On the other hand, the code of conduct indicates that pilots can be warned if they do not follow instructions and everything is stricter, but who do we call? if there no SUP connected?


I believe that having sectors that cover an entire country is a mistake, since the flow of communications increases considerably and is chaotic in very large sectors, delimiting sectors and subsectors should be a topic of discussion between VATEUD and the regional divisions (some Eurocontrol radars)

 I have also heard that there is some kind of delay in activating new sectors when the division requests it.

Also the support on vatspy, mapvatsim, etc, they are not very well connected

I am aware that coordinating many divisions is difficult, but setting standards I think is very necessary for the proper functioning of at least Europe.

Sorry to bother all fo you on a sunday morning😄

my two cents








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Mattia Torti

Hello Omar,

Thank you for your detailed message.

There are some very good points which I'd like to take a long and work on - whilst other points are already being worked.

I'd like to take this to the "EUD All Staff Meeting" in December so that all vACCs who are present have the chance of seeing what possibilities we have, and of course what they would like to take on board.

Thanks for your 2 cents 🙂 

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